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The 2017 Project Management Dictionary
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The purpose of this book is to provide you with a simple and direct definitional guide to all things Project Management. I've worked on large corporate projects for over 20 years and my clients have spanned a pretty broad array of industries and names including Goldman Sachs, IHC (InterContinental Hotels Group), Google, TD Bank, Tokyo Gas, Morgan Stanley, VTB Bank (Russia), HarrisonGray (Australia) and Eros (Bollywood) International. Project Management is a team effort that has its base in traditional management theory but has developed its own system of tools and techniques. Project Management is often viewed as simply being a software package that provides a schedule for the project. Project Management is much more than that; it is a set of disciplines, principles and most importantly 'soft-skills' that support an efficient way of managing a project. This updated and revised edition contains two new chapters. The first, 'How to Overcome Project Communication Challenges' gets into the nitty-gritty of preempting communication issues and nipping them in the bud when they inevitably arise. The second new chapter looks at several true case studies as to why large projects fail to achieve their goals. Enjoy and here's to your project successes!

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